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FREE DESIGN with Bliss Cabinets means exactly that.  Many other RTA dealers/online wholesales only offer "design help". Which is their way of saying you need to use online software or come up with the complicated designs all by yourself.  This method is will surely lead to mistakes that can become very expensive.  An expense that Bliss Cabinets will help you avoid.

Our production managers and designers have over 30 years of combined experience in kitchen/bath design.  The Bliss Cabinet design team uses state of the art software and provide each customer with numerous 2D & 3D renderings.  Additionally, we will make unlimited changes until each customer is 100% satisfied with the layout.

We fully appreciate the investment each customer is making with their new kitchen and/or bathroom.  We only ask our customers to provide us with measurements, using the above kitchen layout form.  Were always accessible by phone and email also. Designs are typically provided to each customer within 24 hours of them being submitting.  Changes are made very quickly.  During the design phase we also create a detailed material/price list for each customer.  This insures further accuracy and eliminates the need for our customers to build shopping carts via the website.



Check out samples of the FREE DESIGN & MATERIAL/PRICE LIST we offer to every customer.


 goulet-2d-1-2-.jpg goulet-3d-3-3-.jpg

goulet-3d-1-2-.jpg goulet-3d-2-2-.jpg


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