10x10 Pricing



10 x 10 kitchen pricing is a common tactic used by most online re-sellers and retail kitchen/bath showrooms to make you believe you can have a kitchen for under $2000.  The reality is 99% of the time, for many reasons, our customers will never buy a 10 x 10 kitchen.  Nor will the cabinets within these listed prices be ones that are used by the majority of customers.  

Furthermore we can honestly say that we've NOT SOLD one 10 x 10 kitchen in 2+ years.   Therefore it's very important to compare apples to apples pricing, desired cabinet sizes and quality very closely when comparing your options.

Please make sure to ask questions when talking to us or anymore of our competitors.  Nearly every other online re-seller buys from the same manufacturers that we buy from.  Many simply change the name & mark up the price.  Make sure to ask about free design (not design help), free samples and lastly free shipping.

The below buyers guide was created by taking all our orders from the past two years & identifying the most popular items that have been purchased.  We've listed the 8 most popular cabinet sizes are included in nearly every order we process.  This list includes 3 bases, 3 walls, 2 accessory/cabinets & 2 NEW, ALL-EXCLUSIVE CABINETS that ONLY Bliss Cabinets offers.


Note the massive savings compared to the other online MFG's/Re-Sellers/Dealers.  When comparing our prices, quality, fast shipment along with our FREE DESIGN, FREE SAMPLES & FREE SHIPPING your choice should be an easy.  Call, text or email us today to get started.  330-459-8000 or info@blisscabinets.com



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