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Bliss Cabinets works with a variety of builders, re-modelers, contractors, flippers, retail locations, and home improvement distributors across the country.   In addition to DISCOUNTED pricing we offer each a variety of FREE services.  Please note that our "retail prices" are at internet best pricing to start.  Thus our distributors are seeing profits of 30-90%.  All the while their end customers are thrilled since their saving thousands of dollars vs. buying from local big box retailers, home improvement stores and/or from custom cabinet shops. Additionally their customers are receiving a very quality cabinet that is delivered within 5-10 business days. 

Everything is "white labeled" per their businesses and can include FREE design and a plethora of FREE marketing pieces.  Designs include the distributors logo, thus saves each a great deal of money and time.  Additionally we provide each with a detailed material/price list.  Thus no need to build shopping carts, we do all the work for each distributor. Marketing pieces include "white labeled" digital/printed catalogs & and product video that can be used in many ways.  Additionally we offer many distributors assistance with logo design, graphic design and/or web design.

Check out our design work and marketing products that are provided to our distributors: 

Bliss Cabinets Product Video (click link to view)

Affordable Home Services Video (click link to view)


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