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Shipping Policies:

Lead Time:

  • Assembly lead time runs 5-15 business days, on average, with all warehouses.  We will give estimate at your time of request.  

  • Warehouse pick-up orders must be picked up within 2-weeks of "order is ready email" or storage fees will incur.

Service & Rates:

  • Assembly cost is per box.  Each warehouse varies, average is $25-$40 per box (larger pantry's, lazy susan's could be higher).

  • Installation of stocked inventory items such as roll out trays, pullouts and tray dividers will incur an additional fee.

Rush Services:

  • $150 charge = Average is up to 5-business days.  Depends on warehouse capacity/availability.  Subject to change without notice.


  • Some warehouses will use automated box machine that quickly crates fully captured boxes.  Other warehouses will use reversed original packaging to cap the cabinets with shrink wrap.  Both methods will use foam sheets on the front profile, foam corner protectors and ID labels.  Packaging may also include additional plastic wrap and straps when palletized pending the shipping method.

Shipping & Delivery Services:

  • Assembled orders are available for warehouse pick-up, nationwide LTL carrier shipping and limited local delivery.

  • There are no charges for warehouse pick-up.  Storage fees may be applied if not picked up within two weeks.

  • LTL rates are based on standard LTL NMFC shipping classes, total, weight and shipping distance from any warehouse.

  • LTL delivered curbside on pallets (inside delivery is not available at this time)

Shipping Charges:

  • If a homeowner customer and it qualifies for free shipping (over $2995) you will be quoted the difference in cost of unassembled to assembled, paying only that difference.

  • If professional, paying flat fee amounts of $350 or $550, then the difference will be quoted per assembly.


  • Like our claims processes for noticing damage upon delivery you will take pictures and note damage on the bill of lading with driver.  If uncovered during unpackaging, stop the install, take pictures and file claim.  These are rare since each cabinet is inspected for defects during the factory assembly.  

assembly 2.PNG
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