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We offer a huge selection of high-quality kitchen cabinet storage and organizational products to make the most of your new Bliss Cabinets or to add storage space to your existing cupboards and drawers.

Pull-out trash can inserts

Why not start with a double- or single-mount waste container? Stash your trash out of sight with one of our many popular trash can inserts. They pull out effortlessly and keep the mess and odors from invading your kitchen.

Spice dividers

Put an end to fumbling around your cupboard, taking out spice after spice, looking for the one you want. Our spice drawer inserts and dividers put all your spices conveniently at your fingertips. They eliminate the need to stack spice bottles on top of each other to fit them all on one shelf, only to have them come tumbling down or falling right out of the cupboard. What a great way to spice up the organization of your kitchen!

Under-sink caddy

This pull-out under-sink/base caddy keeps your cleaning supplies organized and keeps you from having to reach under the sink and fish around plumbing fixtures for the item you want. The reversible top tray is perfect for storing a roll of paper towels or sponges. The unique handle adjusts to fit around pipes. In addition, the entire caddy is removable, so you can conveniently take your cleaning supplies from one area of the kitchen to another … as well as to other rooms.

And more!

We also offer tray dividers to keep trays neatly arranged and easy to pull out. Plus we offer a wide array of lazy susans that are anything but lazy – working hard to save you space and effort in wall, base, and blind corner cabinets.

We are pleased to be able some of the most sought-after kitchen cabinet and drawer accessories in the industry. Make sure to check back every month for new items.

Between Cabinet Pullouts
Base In-Cabinet Pullouts