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10' X 10' DETAILS

10' x 10' (L-shaped) layouts are used by many manufacturers and dealers.  This common marketing tactic has many flaws and beware! 


The reality is that nearly 100% of all kitchens sold in the U.S. would not use this layout, in fact we've never sold one of these layouts.   Also know that many manufacturers and dealers use "bait & switch" tactics when displaying these figures.  If actually building a cart on these sites using their list of cabinets in their 10' x 10' layout you will find the figures don't match the cost being displayed.  Furthermore don't get tricked by the discounting/sales being offered.  Many websites will trick customers by counting the discount twice when displaying these 10' x 10' cost.  Also be aware of sites that don't offer free shipping.  Their pricing may be competitive, only until you go to checkout and discover the hundreds/thousands in shipping.  With us we offer free shipping on orders over $2499.

Below shows our 10' x 10' layout.  Our layout assumes 13 items, if building a shopping cart on our site, per any style, you will find our cost will match the displayed rates.

Please know Bliss Cabinets offers FREE DESIGNS, SAMPLES & SHIPPING.  We highly suggest using these services to insure accuracy, thus reducing mistakes.

Call or email us 24/7/365.  We're extremely committed to responding in a timely manner and appreciate all customers.  

330-459-8000 or

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